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At the Designer’s home

The new campaign for the Götti Switzerland glasses collection was staged exactly where most of the ideas originated – at designer Sven Götti’s home.

The idea sounds easy, and with the right crew, it’s also fun. Sven Götti invited all models to his home for a day, together with fashion photographer Zosia Prominska. There is a lot of spontaneity in the new campaign as the imagery and stagings were first developed on site. As a former model, Zosia Prominska understands her craft, and in particular, the people behind it. The right expression, the right cut, and always with a wink. Her professional, affectionate, and direct method gives the models self-confidence and the set an atmosphere of inspiration. Her images are correspondingly arranged in natural and surprising ways.

Zosia put the models in their poses and completed the picture with inventory that she found in the apartment. She skillfully interpreted the Götti Dimension with finds from all over the world: The glasses from Götti Switzerland and Götti Perspective with various chairs and lights from our Scandinavian vintage collection.

The images are supplemented with slogans that reflect the mood and joy of this day. Partly ironic, provocative, or just with a pinch of humor. In addition to the three wonderful models Noe, Dominika, and Linus, Florian Burkhardt was also there. He’s a man with a fascinating life story: From almost becoming a movie star, to an internationally successful model and poster boy, to a web design pioneer to a party and music designer dubbed “electroboy,” to an author.