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This new combination of material and technology has created a new style. 3D printing meets stainless steel, an expression of urban lifestyle.

A combination of 3D printing and stainless steel gets to the heart of the new collection. Refined front sections connect to delicately fine eyeglass temples. A statement which captivates with its lightness. A must-have for anyone who is ahead of their time. The technology behind it is also one step ahead. The front component is constructed layer by layer from a polyamide powder into a flexible and stable pair of glasses. This results in a compelling eyeglass material – both in its aesthetics as well as in its material characteristics. Comfortable thanks to its lightness and flexibility – an urban look thanks to its structured surface. The eyeglass temples are manufactured from an extremely robust Sandvik stainless steel from Sweden. The glasses are constructed completely without screws or glue. All elements are put together in a surprising way, thus forming the new icon of style.