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The story of Dimension: Embrace diversity. Interchange identities and characters. Blend influences of urbanity, art, architecture, fashion, raw nature. Upgrade to contemporary street style. Reflect your story in design and color. Add textile haptics. High end, high skill, Swiss made: This is the finest 3D printed eyewear the world knows of. And now indulge in the most comfortable fit, far and away. Incredibly light and well balanced, designed for an unshakeable fit.

The glasses are manufactured using state-of-the-art additive production methods in our own factory in Switzerland. The starting material polyamide in the form of a fine, white powder is fed into an industrial 3D printer. This uses a laser beam to merge the powder layer-for-layer. After cooling off, the finished individual parts are removed from the remaining powder, polished and dyed. During this process, the specially created shade of color penetrates the top layers of the frame.

Discover the style of the new collection:
Beni Bischof, Artist wears Götti Dimension: MOVIE
Florence Tétier, Novembre Magazine wears Götti Dimension: MOVIE
Tamy Glauser, Model wears Götti Dimension: MOVIE
Niels Olsen, Exhibition Director wears Götti Dimension: MOVIE