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Götti Perspective - The future is rimless

The future is rimless. Götti reinvents rimless eyeglasses, making them into the most progressive glasses of the day – technically as well as aesthetically. The precise, ultralight, and infinitely comfortable construction forgoes screws, glue, and soldering: Temples, hinges, nose bridge and its attachments on the glass become one completed work. Rimless oblige.

The glasses were developed by Götti Switzerland – from the glass attachment to the hinge. The rimless eyeglasses are made from high-quality stainless steel. This means they are very light and skin-friendly. And it is all “Made in Switzerland.”

Alfredo Häberli wears Götti Perspective: MOVIE
Hans Ulrich Obrist wears Götti Perspective: MOVIE
Elisabeth von Guttman wears Götti Perspective: MOVIE